Landlord Tenant Legal Services

Landlords need to know their legal rights regarding security deposits, pet deposits, tenant screening, subletting, renter’s insurance, rent collection, late fees, and access to property.

Landlord Law

In addition to the standard rental laws, landlords need to be informed of applicable laws concerning contracts, eviction laws, tenant rights, and the rights of property owners. The landlord has more to lose than the tenant, because of the value of the property and the chance that the tenant may devalue the property by damaging it or making it inhabitable. Consulting with an attorney who specializes in this area is advisable, as contracts prepared by attorneys experienced in landlord tenant legal services can provide enormous protection for the landlord as well as making sure that the contract is enforceable and complies with the law.

Eviction Laws

Eviction laws are primarily designed to protect the rights of tenants, but the landlord’s interests and rights to reclaim the property are also addressed. In most states, a tenant can be lawfully evicted for failing to pay rent, violating the contract, or expiration of the lease. A landlord who makes an unlawful eviction could be found liable to compensate the tenant for costs in the court of law. To avoid such costs, it is beneficial to consult with an attorney who specializes in this area to clarify the procedures spelled out by eviction laws.

Leases and Lease Termination

Lease termination can be a complex event that causes tension between the lessee and the lessor, especially when an early lease termination letter is involved. Regardless of the tenant/landlord relationship, issues will arise when it comes time for one of them to terminate a lease.

Reviewing and Drafting Leases

Our firm reviews and drafts leases for landlords and tenants alike. We create leases that are fair and clear and protect the best interests of our clients.

We can effectively address your concerns as Landlord when entering into a new residential or commercial lease. Even seemingly unimportant or unlikely contingencies in a lease can end up having a substantial effect on the parties’ rights in the future. For this reason, it is important to always have your lease reviewed by an experienced attorney before signing.

Breach of Lease

Our experience drafting and reviewing leases has given us an in-depth understanding of their terms.
Our experience drafting and reviewing leases has given us an in-depth understanding of their terms. When a client requires representation because the other party has not complied with the terms of a lease, we can help. Leasing issues that are often the subject of real estate disputes include:
• the amount of rent owed or when payments are due
• the length of the lease
• the condition of the premises
• landlord and tenant improvements
• build-out obligations
• violations of use clauses
• the enforceability of certain lease covenants
• compliance with assignment and sublease provisions
In a real estate lease, landlords and tenants are not required to accept all terms of any lease presented to them. Assistance from an experienced leasing attorney can help ensure that your rights, business and livelihood are protected.

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